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   Trees and soils are ecologically dependent on one another, Healthy soils contain millions of living organisms which trees depend on to help in the uptake of minerals and nutrients, These magical creatures are known as mycorrhizae. Their symbiotic relationship with roots is essential for the health of the tree. Along with mycorrhizae, a healthy soil contains larger creatures such as earthworms and other insects that consume, excrete, and move throughout the soil.  This helps aerate and loosen the soil which in turn helps water percolate and move throughout the root zone. These soils are built by the constant deposition of leaves and other organic
matter from the tree. This becomes what is known as the "organic layer." In our
urban environment the constant removal of freshly deposited leaves prevents the
organic layer from developing. Soils become compacted, nutrient levels drop, air
and water become unavailable. It is not a good environment for trees.

By reincorporating our wood chips from pruning and removal jobs we help 
restore soils to a more favorable condition. By adding a 2-3 inch layer of 
mulch throughout a tree's root zone, many things can be accomplished. In
addition to reintroducing life to the soil, a layer of mulch can also help
retain moisture and temperature levels, reduce competition from weeds , and
provide a manicured appearance to the landscape.  In addition to top dressing with mulch,

Mary McPadden

Jesse!!! Nice website and it's good to see you around again. How can I get a load of this mulch? You know where I am!! The tree you gave me, the Palo Blanco, is doing great! The other one, forgotten now what it was, didn't make it.

Hope all is well in your world. Send news re: mulch.


Mulch is here at 2345 west augusta ave. Bring your own pitchfork :)


Hello, I am looking for wood chips to spread in my backyard between my fruit trees. All I have now is dirt and I am tired of dealing with the dust.
If you have any, please let me know via e-mail or you can call me at (623) 363- 8674


Hi Jesse, do you still have some of the free mulch available for pick up? Do you deliver? If so, what is the charge? Thanks!


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