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Arborvision  tree service performs another cat rescue atop a 60 foot Palm Tree.
No trees or cats were harmed in the process and we were home by noon to watch ourselves on Fox 10 news. Thanks Linda Williams!
Sadly, we had to remove this large ficus tree last week. We were called in by Sun Country Landscapers to remove the ficus tree . The tree was causing too much damage to the pool and building foundation. The owners decidied it was time to take action. We hated to see it go. 
Most cats come down on their own after a climb up into a tree. Some find
themselves stuck for days. After about day 3 they become weak and obviously VERY
thirsty. Birds of prey can become a threat. Its time to do something. Most
people assume that the local fire department can come to the rescue but this is
not the case, To solve this problem, arborist Dan Krauss developed a networking
system of Arborists listed on his website, The Dan Krauss Cat Rescue directory.
This gives people a place to find a qualified tree climber that is trained  to take on the task.